Due to the nature of our weekly secret snapshots, we will not be distributing the airdrop to centralized exchanges. Your SEED must be kept in your EOS account to be eligible for future RewarDrops and your EOS must be kept in your account on the day of the snapshot.

We do this to ensure the accuracy of our snapshots and incentivize participation within the EOS ecosystem. We encourage wallet to wallet based trading via Decentralized exchanges to ensure that for the most part your SEED balance is kept in your wallet and you are maximizing the reward you will receive on the subsequent 11 airdrops.


Why Reward Drops? 

After our initial distribution is done, we want to ensure we incentivize our SEED token holders to enjoy the developments and participate in the platform for the long haul. Over the course of the following 11 months we will be doing monthly airdrops based on your weekly average holdings of SEED tokens.

An unannounced snapshot will be taken each week and your share of the monthly airdrops will be based on an average of the four snapshots. SEED purchased on exchanges will be eligible towards your totals but even those who hold the initial airdrops will be rewarded for doing so with more SEED tokens.

Hold more SEED, get rewarded with more SEED tokens. Our thanks to you for being a part of our community


What you need to do!

Because we want to encourage participation, each subsequent airdrop will be dependant on the completion of a quick task (fast survey or social share – which may vary from month to month and have multiple options). Log in, complete the quick task, and ensure you get your distribution for being a loyal participant in our token economy.

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