The traditional airdrop model is broken. EOS holders receive airdrops and quickly send them to market not taking the time to engage the community or really find out about what the project stands for. At Parsl, we wanted to engage the EOS community but also create a chance for an equitable and fair stake and reward those who follow the project and support our mission and goals.

The reward drop will be distributing 900 million tokens in monthly airdrops over the course of the next 12 months.

Initial airdrop on October 29th, 2018.


Subsequent Airdrops

There will be 11 more Airdrops as part of the Parsl RewardDrop, occurring in 1 month intervals. Each of these airdrops will be based on SEED token holdings. An account’s SEED token holding for a particular month is calculated as the average of 4 unannounced snapshots that Parsl takes during the course of the month leading up to each and every airdrop. These snapshots occur approximately in weekly intervals.

Each airdrop will be allocated 70 Million SEED tokens and allocated as follows;

50 million SEED tokens are airdropped to all accounts with SEED in them, based on the number of SEED they hold. E.g. If you hold 10% of all SEED in circulation, you will receive 10% of the 50 million.

An extra 15 million SEED tokens will be airdropped to accounts in the top 25% of SEED token holdings - again based on the number of SEED in each of these accounts.

5 million SEED tokens will be airdropped to accounts in the top 5% of SEED token holdings, again on a proportionate basis.

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